Fat Freezing Head
Fat Freezing Head

Fat Freezing – Cryolipolysis

Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. Cool Sculpting Technology, also known as Fat Freezing, uses controlled cooling to target and kill only these fat cells. In the weeks to follow, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminate dead cells. Combined with a diet and exercise results can be long term.

40k Cavitaton Head (1)
40k Cavitaton Head (1)

40k Cavitation

The 40 k cavitation handle is an ultrasonic beam that focuses on the selected area and targets fat cells only. Sends out an ultra sound wave which impacts fat cells fiercely causing friction motion between fat cells. This releases triglycerides which hold excess calories and moisture in fat cells , reduce their size and bursts them instantaneously , to reduce the amount of fat cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat .

Body RF head
Body RF head

Body Radio Frequency

This handle uses radio frequency as it can penetrate the dermis and subcutaneous tissue through the fat layer , take heat into deep skin and then accelerate regeneration and reconstruction ok skin deep-tissue. This heat will also stimulate collagen in the dermis layer. Collagen in the dermis layer will shrink immediately after the temperature rise and boosts new collagen, so as to achieve the effect of skin pulling , pigmentation improvement , skin whitening and wrinkle removal.

Laser Lipo Head.jpg
Laser Lipo Head.jpg

Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from fibre-optic Lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat. The laser is used to penetrate the skin, when the fat cells are stimulated, the cell membrane will create the pores to release fatty acids and glycerol.Feedback shows that with exercise and a controlled diet , the fat cells be drained by the lymph circulation.

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